Press Release

Ottawa Restaurant Equipment Store, C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise, Announces Its 94th Year in Business

Ottawa, Ontario, Jun. 3, 2016 — C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise has been one of Ottawa’s premier restaurant equipment stores since its inception in 1921. Commercial and residential shoppers have been using C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise since the 1920s, making the store one of the first Ottawa restaurant equipment facilities, and one of the few still in business from that period. In that time, the business has stayed family-run, with the second generation of owners proudly carrying on their family’s legacy. 

Originally, the C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise store was located on Rideau St., but the family expanded into a bigger, more modern building on Bank St. when market conditions called for it. While the building may be newer, the store still maintains some of the rustic charm that made it so popular over 90 years ago.

The experts at C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise have an intimate understanding of what customers need when it comes to professional quality kitchen equipment. Even among commercial customers, it is regarded as one of the best places to go for restaurant equipment in Ottawa, due to the company’s reasonable prices and large selection. With such a modern take on the kitchen supply shopping experience, the business looks to stay relevant even in the age of internet retail, thanks in part to its dedicated customer base and user-friendly website.

Those interested in finding quality name-brand restaurant equipment in Ottawa, are encouraged to visit or contact the professionals at C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise today.

About C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise

C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise has partnered with many different brands during the years, cultivating professional relationships with kitchen supply manufacturers, in order to bring the highest quality goods to the people of Ottawa. Today, the company carries major brands such as Cusinart, Bunn, Wade, and dozens of others.

For more information, please visit or call (613) 731-2866.


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