3 Ways Restaurant Supply in Ottawa Can Help Your Business Grow

Sometimes all it takes to draw in a crowd to your restaurant is a small change. Adding a new item on the menu, or being represented at local events can often make a difference. Restaurant supply in Ottawa, not only keeps your business open, but can also help it grow.

Enables You to go Mobile

Having mobility can give you a huge advantage. Mobility will allow you to attend local events, such as county fairs, and trade shows. The food service industry often poses obstacles for businesses to achieve this mobility; mainly food safety concerns from improperly stored perishables. However, this concern can easily be addressed with a portable walk-in cooler, such as the Beverage-Air Versa Cool Portable Walk-in Cooler, available for sale and rent at C. A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise.  

The Versa Cool Portable Walk-in Cooler is compact for easy travel, and takes only five minutes to set up. The 105 cubic feet are kept at a consistent 36° to 40° for reliable refrigeration. The cooler is powered by any standard wall outlet or generator, allowing your business to easily attend offsite events.

Do More In-House

Not only does restaurant supply in Ottawa help your business go mobile, it can also help you do more in-house. For example, adding a commercial grade stand mixer to your equipment allows you to easily replace previously made food items with ones made onsite.

Stand mixers are a particularly versatile item, and are not limited to just baked goods. Stand mixers can easily help reduce the workload in a kitchen when used with attachments – either the ones that came standard, or ones purchased in addition to the mixer.

Keep Up with Food and Drink Trends

There is no denying that food and drink trends can be a very profitable niche. Espressos and specialty drinks are very popular options these days. You do not need to open your own coffee shop to take advantage of these popular choices. Restaurant quality espresso machines, found at C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise, a trusted source for restaurant supply in Ottawa, can produce great tasting espressos.

You could quickly see a return on the small investment from the additional business brought in by the new trendy menu options.

For the best restaurant supply in Ottawa, please contact the professionals at C. A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise today. Since 1921, C.A. Paradis/Chef’s Paradise has proudly offered name brand commercial kitchen equipment to businesses in Ottawa and surrounding areas.


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