How to Care of Your New Le Creuset Kettle in Ottawa

There is nothing quite like sitting down on a cold winter’s evening with a nice cup of hot tea, either by yourself or as part of a group. To ensure the best cup of tea every time, you want to take care of your new Le Creuset Kettle in Ottawa properly. Here’s how.

Before the First Use

The first thing you should do, after you unpack the kettle, is to thoroughly hand wash it with hot soapy water. You should not place your kettle into a dishwasher as this can damage the enamel. Once you have completely dried your Le Creuset Kettle, you can now make that delightful cup of tea. Using the following tips to make sure you are using your kettle properly.

 – Only fill the kettle to the first set of holes in the pour spout to avoid boil over.

 – The kettle may be used on any heat source, including induction heat.

 – Place kettle on a burner that is the same size or a similar size and the bottom of your kettle.

 – While the Le Creuset kettle has heat resistant whistles and handles, you should use an oven mitt to prevent burns.

 – When ready, remove the kettle from the burner and make sure the handle is upright before pouring.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Le Creuset Kettle in Ottawa

When cared for properly, the Le Creuset Kettle will last you years of use. To protect the enamel, avoid banging the kettle onto the stove, counter, table or other hard surface. You should also use care to avoid heating the kettle empty or allowing it to boil dry, as this can damage the base and enamel coating. 

After use, simply hand wash your kettle in hot soapy water and dry completely before putting away. While allowing water to sit in the kettle will not actually damage it, it can create a scale build up that reduces the quality and increases how long it takes to come to temperature. A mild de-scaler may be used periodically to remove this build up.

C.A. Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise Has You Covered

Properly taking care of your kitchen tools should be a high priority for any chef and with the Le Creuset Kettle. To learn more about the proper way to care of all your kitchen tools and equipment, or to shop for quality kitchen supplies, please contact the experts at C.A. Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise today!


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