Our story dates back to 1921 and starts at 92 1/2 Rideau Street Ottawa, Canada with Charles August Paradis who founded a company that would eventually become the leader in kitchenwares for both professional and amateur chefs alike.  His initials, CA formed the roots for who we are today, CA Paradis/The Chef’s Paradise.  CA’s vision, to bring unique kitchen and tabletop items from around the world, has remained true to this day. Now under 2nd generation ownership, CA’s nephew Pierre has successfully led the company for over 50 years, brining Ottawa the very best selection of kitchenwares from around the world.   Pierre and his wife Diane eventually relocated our brick and mortar location to what has become a 10,000 sq ft Chef’s Paradise at 1314 Bank St.

Our vision still remains the same today, and we pride ourselves on our service and selection.